Our Imaginations Have Run Dry

by storyesque

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Recorded in the comforts of home, with all of the imperfections to characterize it. This is Our Imaginations Have Run Dry, released in an effort to combat that possibility.


released November 30, 2015

Recorded from August - November 2015 in Murrieta, CA
All songs written, produced, and performed by storyesque
Artwork by Joseph Gonzalez



all rights reserved


storyesque Murrieta, California

What's it like
over there?

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Track Name: Zarzamora Thee
I find the softest form of comfort riding down with you
Spring air rolls across the valley
The flowers bloom, let's venture there

Loom into my eyes
The silence takes, the world now breaks,
never-ending race, but will always finds a way back to my head
They're never gone, they never stay

Our love departs the shipyard
The crowds are forming in the sky
As the rain sets in, I look into your eyes
They're not the same, they're never the same. Changing.

Tell me words of rain
The time it takes, the world now breaks,
but we'll never be, we'll never be the same
We'll forever be this way

Not alright. Won't be fine.
I'll take this all to heart now this time
Going all downhill on the shine
Never ropes the crane
Consult the kindest star, let's take a break,
my word to drink the ocean (We'll gather shade for lost time)

Darkness bends to the will to survive
Trade the brights for cold yet starry nights
I know that there's no real way to say goodbye

My word to drink the ocean.

My word! To drink the ocean.
Track Name: Sounds, a Poem
Sounds, like animals roaming free. So free, so natural.
It is given, so we use. It's hidden, so we find.
It's written, so we re-compose.
I need to capture them! I want to . . .
Music is like a school of fish.
So claim your catch, call it yours. Make it personal.

We break the laws, borrowing minds of thievery,
stealing advantage of what we freely receive.
Redefine gravity. Plunge into salty deeps,
just enough so we can breathe. It's so easy.
Hear the ringing? Of a lost conscience once clean?

We are the poachers of sound.
We are the harvesters . . .
We are the hunters. . .
We are the cultivators . . .
The farmers of sound.
Track Name: Recollections from Nebulous Rooms
Writ in the back of his journal,
a boy wrote a story about how he was afraid of the dark.
Filled with everything that makes him
weak at his knees and terrified deep in his heart,
so he closed his eyes,

but it didn't suffice.

The story takes a turn at its climax
when the ones that loved him and brought him up
arrive in time to help him through the night.
With words that soothe and calm,
the fears shrank back on down, down, down,
to nothing but thoughts
that barely even lingered on the walls.

They're nothing at all.
Thanks for answering the call.
And these were the words the story ended on:

"Would you stay just a little while?
And nightmares go on home."

Stay just a little while, I don't want to face the dark.
Stay. Would you be my light
and tell me everything is gonna be just fine.
Track Name: Light Bearers
There it goes, the lights again
Puts his fingers to the strings and he'll just pretend
like they're still there, like they're still there
Though he can't see the frets on the board
nothing will stop that heart from pouring
Let his light shine, let his light shine bright

When the light says it's too tired
would you still hold tight just to know we're still alive

There's an obvious difference in the way he sings
in what is commonly viewed as suffering
The words in his head, he'll follow them instead
"Be calm
Be safe
Be strong
We'll see day."

When the light says it's too tired
would you still hold tight just to know we're still alive

Would you bear the light
illuminate my eyes
Track Name: SOLID : LIQUID
He spoke through howls of wind and the falling of leaves
She spoke through thundering surf and serene shore lapping
A century of verse in the context of love
All he could do was fall, all she could do was look up
forever . . .

The loud mountain said, "Surround me with your love,
occupy the space around me . . ."
So the waves began, the waves began

The others may say that it shouldn't be this way
Just a lousy kid who should've stayed home
but her presence is real that has this heart set in stone
The skies may be gray for 10,000 days
but hold me up with your blue hand touch
and let me know that it's okay

I'm staring at her, she's reflecting all that is me
Then we . . . merge
Cause I fall for her, I fall for her
I fall, I fall.

And I stare down at her
She looks back at me
This separation is overwhelming

Now I stare straight at her
As she surrounds me
and this separation will no longer be